quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009


Obrigatório ler, Obrigatório ouvir... de olhos fechados! Apesar da letra ser "fatalista" em alguns aspectos, vale a pena! Destaco o que mais adoro.
The Script I'm Yours

You touch these tired eyes of mine
And map my face out line by line
And somehow growing old feels fine


You wrap your thoughts in works of art
And they're hanging on the walls of my heart

I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I'm yours

And though my edges may be rough
I never feel I'm quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I'm yours

You healed these scars over time
Embraced my soul
You loved my mind
You're the only angel in my life

The day news came my best friend died
My knees went weak and you saw me cry
Say I'm still the soldier in your eyes

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